Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Green Beans


This post is short and sweet. There is not a long detailed recipes for my green beans. I like my green beans hard and not super cooked, or in a casserole. I know I'm a little different, but I honestly just started liking green beans within the past year, so this is a big step! Ha.

I just start out by rinsing and snapping the ends off the green beans. Then, putting a drop of olive oil in a skillet and waiting until it gets warm and putting the green beans in. after the green beans are starting to sizzle and soaking up the oil, I just dash salt(sea salt is the best) and pepper over them and then sometimes add a little crushed red pepper, depending on who I am cooking for. Then, I just wait until they are a little browned, but still hard and they are done!

Here is a few pictures....

Have a great day everyone!!



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