Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Weekly line-up

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day and enjoyed their long weekend, I know I did! I thought since I did vegetables all summer, I would start by posting all of those dishes. I have been thinking about how I wanted to lay this blog out to fit everything in and making sure it is organized, since it is for a grade ;) I have decided to dedicate two weeks to each food group with at least two recipes a week and more in some categories. Here is the categories I have decided to cover(they are not listed in any certain order):

then the last two weeks I will do a wrap-up, talk about the cookbook, condiments, and changes that have been made at the farm since I started this blog!

I hope you all enjoy all the different types of recipes and try something new out of this because I know I will be!

Have a good day! First recipe post coming soon!

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